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Concept #Boma: from talk to results

‘A conclave in the forest ... or almost. A discreet meeting on important issues requiring decision-making’ - what the term ‘Boma’ means in Swahili. In order to ensure that these meetings are truly action-oriented, we take a very demanding approach:

(1) invite a qualified and limited audience (150 people at most)

(2) define important topics on which action can and should be taken

(3) involve relevant actors - on infrastructure financing issues, for example, not only large development banks but also sovereign wealth funds or pension funds - and

(4) define a roadmap and concrete actions, to hold us to account when the time comes. Thus, proposed during the first Boma in Nairobi, the AfroChampions Trillion Dollar Investment Framework was presented in a first outline at the African Union Heads of State Summit in Niamey, then refined in exchanges with African business leaders and investors before being submitted for consultation from October 2019 after the second Boma. It is now officially supported by the Heads of State of the African Union (Trillion Framework).

Different objectives for different sessions

Rules of the game


AfroChampions Boma on infrastructure financing and delivery in Africa

AfroChampions Boma on Green Industrialisation

TESTIMONIALS ( Video Gallery )

Join the bomas

If you wish to participate in one of our next bomas, you are welcome to contact us.
Please kindly note that these meetings are primarily reserved for African or foreign business leaders, for promoters of projects strategic for African integration, particularly in the fields of energy, transport, mobility and logistics, internet & payments connectivity, agriculture, and industrialisation. Public or private investors interested in these areas are also welcome, as well as some key public decision-makers. If your application is successful, you will be informed and then contacted if one of our next bomas focuses on your topics of interest.
*October 2020 Update : the schedule of bomas (physical meetings format) is being revisited as a result of the international health situation and travel restrictions and the next meetings are expected to take place in Q4 2021*.
Please note: boma participants are selected according to theme of the boma. Registration fees are required. Catering expenses and airport transfers are covered by the organization; hotel expenses and plane tickets remain are born by participants.

Making Bomas pan-African events

In July 2020, on the occasion of African Integration Week, the AfroChampions Initiative was invited, as part of its partnership with the African Union, to propose an 'expanded' version of the Boma concept. While the format was different – and, of course, digital because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the spirit was the same: dialogue on strategic issues, such as support for African start-ups, future scenarios for governance, economy and finance on the continent - with a high-level debate on the possibilities of establishing an African government and parliament or a common currency for the whole continent. Other projects, including a competition for young creators, were also presented. Full details of the Boma of Africa are available on the dedicated website, designed in partnership with the African Union.